Flight canceled? Don't let your entitlement for compensation lapse!

The message „Flight canceled“ can spoil not just the mood but possibly the whole holiday. When a flight is canceled you get your money back as the booked service very clearly was not provided. Yet, when exactly do your rights apply in the case of a flight cancellation? How do you get to your compensation? What exactly do you have to do for it? Our team helps you when it.

You can claim reimbursement for canceled flights, if:

  • Your flight was within the EU. Meaning, the plane at least took off or landed in a EU country.
  • You flew with an airline based in a non-EU-state and the plane started within the EU.
  • You were NOT informed at least 14 days in advance.
  • There is no record of „extraordinary circumstances“ such as bad weather conditions or a strike.

Exercise your right!

According to EU regulations, you are entitled to compensation of the ticket price if a flight was canceled. Furthermore, you have claim to financial compensation alongside support and accommodation at the airport in case of longer waiting periods.
Unfortunately, still, only a small amount of passengers are aware of their rights when a flight gets canceled and in many cases, airlines play on that or ignore passengers' rights. Of course, you can try to retrieve your costs single-handedly. Or you save time, trouble and stress – and put your claims for compensation in the hands of our experienced experts for travel laws.

We will help to make your claims heard and assert your rights. We bear total cost risk and only in a successful outcome we keep a commission of 24%+VAT of the compensation sum. Take 3 minutes, put in your flight details now and check your claim for compensation in the case of a canceled flight.