Flight delayed? Don't wait with your Compensation Request!

During holidays one views things a bit more relaxed. If then the flight has a bit of a delay, it does not seem to matter. However, if minutes become hours the holiday mood can be corrupted.
With more than 3h delay, you finally arrive at your destination and want to complain. Though, at the responsible airline, you are solely passed on from one post to the other. At the latest, now you should take 3 minutes of your time to forward your claim for reimbursement at fly.claims!

Your Right for Compensation applies when:

  • Your flight was within the EU. Meaning, the plane at least took off or landed in an EU country.
  • You flew with an airline based in a non-EU-state and the plane started within the EU.
  • The flight arrived more than 3h late at the destination.

Exercise your right now!

Despite the Passengers' Rights Regulation 261/2004 intensified by the European Court of Justice, there still are passengers who are simply ignored by airlines concerning their compensation payment.

We perceive this as unfair. Hence, we set ourselves the task to get your money back to you. In the case of a flight delay, we can obtain a compensation of 250,- up to 600,- euros. Apropos delay: you can claim your money back up to 3 years after your original flight. The same applies for cancellations and missed connection flights.

Was your flight delayed for several hours, too? Then exercise your right now; type in your flight details and check your claim for compensation.