Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How much is functions performance-based only. This means, only in the case of a successful reimbursement we charge a maximum of 24% (+VAT) of the compensation payment. So we only charge if you get your compensation from the airline. If you do not receive a compensation payment, there are no costs for you. bears the whole risk of expense for lawyers and possible legal costs.

2. How does function?

We help passengers claim compensation from airlines according to the EU-legislation Nr. 261/2004. Your flight details combined with weather and flight data from public and commercial databases are forwarded to the appropriate attorney for a legal check-up. Our attorneys are experts with extent experience in the area of passengers' rights and have access to the latest national and European flight passenger legislation. Due to their know-how, they are able to assess your prospects of success and assert your claim to be reimbursed by the airline. 

3. How much compensation can be claimed?

This depends on various factors. The (planned) distance of your journey plays a vital role. Decisive factors are, whether your flight was canceled, arrived late at the destination, or if you missed your connecting flight.

4. How long does it take?

Depending on the airline, the procedure of your compensation claim takes approx. 8 to 12 weeks. In individual cases however, the processing period can be longer than that.

5. When do I state my bank details?

We only need your bank information, once the compensation payment has arrived in the attorneys' escrow account. or your attorney will then immediately contact you and transfer the relevant amount (minus the commission) onto your account.

Of course, you can let us know your bank details earlier if you want.

6. Do I have to tax my reimbursement?

Usually not, as there is no service related to the compensation payment. In special cases, please consult with your tax adviser.

Further questions?

Just send us your requests via e-mail to: office@fly.claim or call our hotline: +43 720 345708

We love to help you!