Passenger Rights

Are you aware of your Rights as a passenger?

It is not unlikely that a flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked. Often, one has to wait for one's luggage in vain. In these cases, one has certain rights which should be insisted upon.
But how? In the dense, complicated law paragraphs one can easily loose track of one's rights and claims. helps you to enforce your right to compensation.

Passengers' Rights Regulation

The Passengers' Rights Regulation of the European Union directs the rights of passengers in the EU: EU-Regulation 261/2004 defines the support- and compensation services of airlines in the following cases:

  1. Delay of more than 3h at the destination airport
  2. Flight Cancellation
  3. Overbooking or refused Boarding
  4. Missed Flight Connection

When does the Passengers' Rights Regulation apply?

The Passengers' Rights Regulation is used for all flights within the EU, it does not matter where the executing Airline has its central office. Additionally, the regulation applies to all flights landing in the EU coming from a third country (states outside the EU) if the Airline has its headquarters in the EU. In such a case, compensation always lies within the responsibility of the airline executing the flight.

Right to Transport-replacement and Ticket reimbursement

As a passenger, you are entitled to full compensation of the tickets within 7 days if the delay was longer than 5 hours. Further, you entitled to be transported to the originally booked airport. In the situation of delays, overbooking or missing of your connection flight, the same rights apply.

Right to Support at the airport

Depending on the duration of your delay as well as the distance of your flight, you are eligible for care services, such as food and drinks, phone costs, internet, toilets etc. If necessary, also appropriate accommodation has to be provided or reimbursed.
- 2h waiting period at a distance of 1.500km
- 3h waiting period at all intra-community flights of more than 1.500km and all other flights between 1500km and 3.500km
- 4h waiting period at flights over 3.500km